5 Actresses that couldve played Major Motoko in Ghost in the Shell

Geekdom clambered in anticipation for the live action adaptation of ghost in the shell. Once word got out that Scarlet Johansson was to play the role of Major fan boys went into full on nerd rage. When the box office numbers came back the movie flopped big time. While Paramount/DreamWorks proceeds to tip-toe around of the reason why, we all can point the finger of blame at the one thing Hollywood refuses to acknowledge…. Good ol fashioned White washing. Don’t get it twisted scarlet Johansson is a knockout and one hell of a actress to boot, but she was all wrong for this role. Everyone except Paramount/DreamWorks knew this, the numbers don’t lie folks.

Now I’m going to play casting director and give you a list of beautiful actresses that could’ve easily play the role of Matoko. Some of these names you may recognize some not so much but all of these beauties will definitely catch your eye! So without further ado let’s begin!


Constance Wu

This New York educated starlet is definitely on the rise. She’s set the Sundance Movie Festival ablaze with roles in films such as “Year of The Fish” and “Sound of my Voice” ¬†Currently Wu on the hit ABC show Fresh Off Of the Boat as well as¬†the sci-fi film “Parallels” released in 2015 on Netflix.



Jamie Chung

Truly a self-made success Jamie Chung can do it all. Starting out on the “Real World San Diego” she’s gone on to star in “The Hangover Part Two”, “Sucker Punch” “Big Hero Six” as well as recurring roles on TV shows “Mulan” and “Once Upon a Time” Just recently she was cast as Blink in an upcoming Fox pilot directed by Bryan singer, damn talk about goals! She even has a successful blog called “What the Chung”. Makes the fact that she started out on the real world all the more astounding.



Anna Akana

This chick is funny as hell! Not only is she a successful comedienne, and actress with roles in films such as “Ant-Man” and “Riley rewind”, She also has a successful YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers. Not only is she a serious actress but she’s also very well-rounded sharing insightful opinions on various issues. Her upcoming book So Much I Want to Tell You: Letters to My Little Sister compounds the fact the world needs more Anna Akana.


Devon Aoki

At just 16 years old this bombshell was already a cover model for Versace replacing well established model Naomi Campbell. With blockbusters like “2 Fast 2 Furious and” “Sin City” to her credit she has the looks and the skill to pull off any action film. But as the current face of the Lancome fashion line she really isn’t hard pressed for work these days.


Sam Aotaki

Her stare could melt steel, and her body can stop you dead in your tracks. But its her absolutely fearless attitude she brings to the set is which is what sets her apart from the norm. She has the look down cold. Sure she starred in lesser-known films like “Asian Schoolgirls”, “Alpha House”, and “The Young Kieslowski” but its virtually unknowns that come out of left field like a lightning bolt that really resonates with any kind of movie fan base of a potential major franchise. With her range Paramount/DreamWorks would’ve did it self a huge favor by taking a flyer on this young seductress.


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