5 Reasons why Genki Sudo is damn awesome

To put it mildly Genki Sudo is unorthodox. During his run as an MMA fighter Sudo thrilled fans like none other. From his electrifying ring entrances to his quirky yet effective fighting style Genki is one of Japan’s greatest fighters. At the height of his fame he suddenly walked away from MMA for other endeavors completely shocking his loyal fans. So with nearly a decade removed from his last bout we take a look at what makes the Neo samurai so damn awesome.



World class fighter

Let’s start with what brought him to the dance in the first place, his mad fighting skills. Just off of jujitsu alone he’s highly decorated bad ass mofo. A quick trip to sherdog.com will show you some of the more notable W’s he’s notched in his career. During his fighting days Genki was definitely the real deal.


UFC champion?

On December 21, 2001 at the rings world title series 5 mixed martial arts event Sudo placed a Gentlemans bet with then UFC champion Kenichi Yamamoto for his belt which he won in Brutal fashion at UFC 23. And with a rear naked choke at 1:46 in the second round Sudo made Yamamoto eat his words and was crowded “UFC Japan champion” by Japanese media, but since it was a Gentlemans bet the outcome was not sanctioned by Zuffa.


Funky fresh moves

The man can flat out dance! As a true fan of most things hip-hop I must point out that his pop and lock skills are top notch. Add that to the fact that he’d use those dance skills quite effectively in his matches against very seasoned pros. It’s a wonder how he got as many victories as he did but it makes perfect sense that he got into choreography with his group new order after his fighting days.



Serious actor

He put as much effort into his fight entrances as he did the fight itself, so it’s no surprise he found success in cinema after his retirement. With numerous credits to his name for acting, writing, and directing Mr. Sudo was tailor made for the silver screen.




Immediately following his shocking retirement he formed a pop group called New Order. They’ve released three albums as well set the Guinness book of world record for the largest robot dance with 647 people before it was broken in 2013. Their music has even been featured on the 26th season of the amazing race.


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