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On the surface The Wandering Ronin is where we share our nerdy lil ideas, thoughts, and interests. It’s exactly how the tagline states it’s about “moving at the speed of nerd”. We’ll post various articles about any and everything that involves living your life as freely and nerdy as humanly possible.

Meet The Authors

Ray.A  I created The Wandering Ronin as a means of facing my fears head on. One of my greatest fears is to endlessly work at a place I can’t stand for decades and not being able to enjoy my life to the fullest until I’m elderly. In a nutshell The Wandering Ronin is the answer to the question “What do I want to do with the rest of my life?”. As for cred I went to a litany of schools for art and design and gained a wealth of knowledge before I dropped out and decided to do freelance graphic design. I’m a father of two and a collector of comics and anime since eleven years old. I’m a natural writer having written comic book reviews for Outrightgeekery.com for over a year now.