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Hello fellow fanboys and girls! With all of the heated and entertaining hypothetical discussions of who could beat who it only makes sense for some brave soul to put together a list of battles that actually did happen. So I dug through my personal collection and came up with 10 earth shattering battles throughout history. So without further delay let’s dive in!!!!!! BEWARE: SPOILER ALERT!!!




#10.  Alpha Flight vol 1 #6

Combatants : Snowbird vs Great Beast Kolomaq

The Lowdown

Imprisoned under the mortal guise of Corporal Anne McKenzie by her superiors Snowbird must break from her captors when the Great beast Kolomaq aka the living embodiment of winter is foolishly released from his mystical prison by oil workers who were working on sacred land (will we ever battleslearn?!?). Upon arrival Snowbird is greeted with a dangerously powerful blizzard that not only knocks her off guard but envelops the entire area with blinding snow. Un-phased Snowbird replies by using her ability to turn into an all-white version of any winter animal and crashes into Kolomaq as a 1000 pound Polar Bear. Since both combatants are white in color and in the middle of a raging blizzard readers are left completely in the “dark” as they tear each other apart. Quickly realizing she is out-matched Snowbird is seemingly out of options when she comes up with a desperate plan to use his powers against him. The gamble works and in a rage Kolomaq causes a Cliffside to entrap him again and Snowbird escapes with her life, barely.

Winner: Snowbird in a close one


#9.  Uncanny X-men vol 1 #183

Combatants : Colossus vs The Juggernaut

The Lowdown

Looking to Hold Pete accountable for his actions (cheating on Kitty Pryde) and show him some tough love Wolverine forcibly takes him to the bar for a few drinks with Nightcrawler tagging along as peacemaker. A few drinks in & heated words are flying when Wolverine smells a familiar foe, battlesJuggernaut enjoying himself with a hot chick. Sensing the danger, Wolvie and NightCrawler attempt to make a quick exit. Totally oblivious to what’s going on Colossus commits the ultimate party foul and spills his drink on Juggy and the dust up ensues. Juggernaut not even knowing who he was shoves him clear across the bar with only a split second transformation saving Petey from death. He rises to his feet and basically says the last thing a drunken douchebag in his situation should ever say, “I don’t need any help” and proceeds to march towards a certain beatdown. While the action heats up Kurt pleads with Logan to jump into the fray, but wise old Wolvie opts to sit back and let Karma take a bite out of Colossus’ shiny metal ass. To Pete’s credit he did hold his own in this issue long symphony of fisticuffs but in the end he learned two valuable lessons: What it means to be there for the ones you love, and never take on the Juggernaut by yourself.

Winner: Juggernaut by a mile



#8.  Street Fighter #1

Combatants : Ryu vs Sagat

The Lowdown

Until this series debuted many of us have only heard of this legendary battle between Ryu & Sagat because it was the climax of the first little known Street Fighter game and not the mega hit Street Fighter II that I’m sure you were first introduced to. So it made perfect sense for Image Comics to battlesreach back into history and re-introduce this classic brawl for the new age of SF fans. Set in the final match of a seedy underground tournament Ryu and then Champion Sagat push each other to the brink. They are so evenly matched that their respective projectile blasts collide forcing Ryu to lose his footing and be thrown back. With his opponent seemingly dazed Sagat brazenly goes in for the kill shot but that moment of over-confidence is what proves to be his undoing. Not one to bow to defeat, Ryu digs down to depths unbeknownst even to himself and stops Sagat in mid-air with the mother of all Shoryukens and completely incapacitates him. The victory is an empty one for Ryu leaving him with more questions than answers but one question was answered most assuredly: How Sagat got that huge scar on his chest.

Winner: Ryu




#7.  Uncanny X-Men vol1 #170

Combatants: Storm vs Callisto

Trapped in the Morlock tunnels the X-men are in between the proverbial rock and a hard place. With Angel set to marry Callisto and Kitty near death things appear to be bleak because the only way out ofbattles the tunnels is a duel to the death with Callisto. Realizing this Nightcrawler (who is obviously adept with blades) challenges the Morlock leader to a duel but is told to stand down and replaced by Storm who pulls rank as the leader of the X-men. Shocked by all parties involved Storm steps up to the challenge but because of a vow not to take a life her teammates are worried of the outcome, worse still the stipulation of no powers proposed on the fight and as powerful as Ororo is she is not known as a hand to hand combatant. With blades drawn they circle testing one another’s prowess and with abilities very similar to Wolverine, Callisto draws first blood. Judging a book by its cover Callisto begins to taunt her opponent but the smack talk leaves an opening for Storm to exploit which she does surprisingly well. Using her cape to trap Callisto’s knife hand Storm plunges her knife into her foe’s heart effectively killing her in one of the best character defining moments in comic book history.

Winner: Storm



#6.  Black Panther vol4 #1

Combatants: Black Panther vs Captain America

The Lowdown

In this flashback tale Captain America is investigating Nazi activity in Wakanda during WWII. Upon his arrival he notices that the situation has been handled a bit more thoroughly than he would like. Not battlesheeding the warning signs an inexperienced but still highly capable Cap is then greeted by the Black Panther of that time and demands answers. Panther gives Cap one last warning to keep his nose out of Wakandan affairs to no avail and the fight is on. Cap launches an assault that would usually floor his normal opponents but the ruler of Wakanda is far from any normal opponent. Panther matches Cap’s initial assault a rather poetic display of whup-assery that puts the star spangled youngin’ in his place. Whatever Captain America threw at the panther was met with a dizzying array of parries, punches and kicks and by fight’s end Marvel’s pecking order was re-established and a clear statement was made: Enter Wakanda at your own risk.

Winner: Black Panther quite handily



#5.  The Incredible Hulk Vol1 #322

Combatants: Hulk vs Avengers East coast, Avengers West coast, She-Hulk

The Lowdown

With Jericho, New Mexico in ruins and She-Hulk nearly beaten to death the Hulk (separated from Banner) must be taken down immediately. The Avengers East and West are the only line of defense battlesagainst the mindless monster as countless lives are at stake. With Hercules leading the charge the Avengers (with a very stacked roster at the time) rush headlong into the Jade Giant with everything that they have. She-Hulk & Hercules gets swatted aside like flies and Iron Man is nearly flattened and his suit is knocked offline instantly. While Iron Man is being tended to Wonder Man blindsides The Hulk but he quickly shrugs off the attack and overtakes Simon. Still reeling from being recently revived from the dead Wonder Man freezes up in battle and the Hulk in a frightening move nearly caves in Wonder Man’s skull. Saving Simon from certain death She-Hulk & Hercules knock Hulk nearly across town and he gets up uncharacteristically slow. Seeing the moment of weakness the Avengers pour on the assault and make a bit of headway but even in his weakened state Hulk severely destroys Iron Man’s chest plate and nearly kills a weakened Namor. At this point with the exception of a solemn Captain America all of the Avengers are blood lusted as they press forward at the weakening Hulk and all of the witnesses of the fight are screaming for his head. Just before the killing blow is dealt Betty Ross-Banner interrupts pleading for the Hulk’s life because in order for Bruce to live The Hulk must live as well.

Winner: The Avengers



#4.  Wolverine: Marvel Knights #20-25

Combatants: Wolverine vs The Marvel Universe


The Lowdown

In this Classic storyline Wolverine is captured and is put under mind-control by the uber-evil Hydra Corporation and is sent on a mission to kill the President of the USA. He is a killing machine sent on a battlesroller coaster ride that pits him against a who’s who of Marvel’s elite and is hacking up anyone who gets in his way. The Fantastic four, S.H.E.I.L.D., the X-Men, The Avengers no one can stop Wolverine as the bodies pile up and he gets closer to his goal. With his goal nearly in reach Wolverine attempts to finish the job by forcing Rachel to use Cerebra to kill the President from afar quick thinking and a team up from The X-men and Avengers that finally took Wolverine down but sadly not without heavy casualties.

Winner: Marvel



#3.  Avengers vol1 # 177

Combatants: The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy vs Michael Korvac, Carina


The Lowdown

Set on stopping the omnipotent Michael Korvac and his Power cosmic empowered lover Carina from reshaping the earth into a utopia, The Avengers along with the Guardians of the Galaxy track Korvac battlesto a cozy suburb in Queens and proceed to march toward in what was then the most epic battle they have ever faced. It is soon realized that the heroes are absolutely no match for Korvac as he casually slays them one by one. Cap and Wonder Man weaken him and leave an opening for attack not before they too lose their lives in the onslaught. After seeing no sense in continuing the bloodshed and feeling betrayed by the waning feeling of his lover Carina he stops cold in the middle of battle choosing to die he drops dead from an apparent suicide with his last act reviving the heroes he just previously slew. And as Carina ends her life by her lover’s side, Thor and Moondragon (the only ones that didn’t die in battle) are left to wonder just who were the heroes and who were the villains?

Winner: Michael Korvac



#2.  Daredevil vol1 #181

Combatants: Elektra vs Bullseye


The Lowdown

Bullseye is a madman with an obsession: Matt Murdock. He not only wants to beat Daredevil in a fight he wants to destroy everything he’s ever held dear. Tracking down Matt’s former lover Elektra he emerges from the shadow’s to enact his plan. Being no slouch Elektra openly accepts his challenge battlesand the two commence to square off in a fight fit for a movie (c’mon you know I had to lol). Blades slash, skin tears, bones break, and blood spills as the assassins give it their all. As the battle wages on Elektra learns that as good as she is Bullseye is just a bit above her pay grade and in one of the most Iconic scenes in all of comics Bullseye delivers the killing blow. If that wasn’t enough he left her with enough strength to stumble to Matt’s apartment and die in his arms.

Winner: Bullseye





#1.  Identity Crisis # 3

Combatants: Deathstroke The Terminator vs the Justice league

The Lowdown

As the Prime suspect in the murder of the beloved Sue Dinby, Dr. Light hires Deathstroke as a bodyguard and not a moment too soon because the Justice League tracks him to his home and prepare to take him in. Flash launches an assault but seeing as though he’s fought Flash since his “Kid Flash” battlesdays he counters so well he barely even has to move as he causes Flash to impale himself at super-speed and with a twist of the blade Flash goes down. With the quickness of a rattlesnake he incapacitates Zatanna with a pressure point shot to the liver causing her to throw up blood rendering her unable to cast spells. Hawkman swoops in for the attack but is quickly made to look like a chump. Green Arrow shoots at him but Slade catches the arrow at point-blank range and responds by nearly cutting off GA’s head and destroying all of his arrows simultaneously. Black Canary sets up for a Sonic Scream but is bound and gagged faster than a pig at a state fair. Then he blasts the microscopic Atom with a laser pointer causing him to re-size and smack right into Hawkmans head. Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) wielder of the most powerful weapon in the universe foolishly flies in for a punch. Deathstroke casually catches the punch and breaks Kyle’s hand and attempts to take his power ring for his own leaving him open for attack. Ever the opportunist Green Arrow shows he can be a savage individual as well and jams one of his arrow heads into his blind eye sending Deathstroke into a rage. Now looking to take a piece out of GA, Deathstroke lets his guard down just long enough for the Justice League to pick itself up and subdue their foe but that was after they got their asses completely handed to them.

Winner: Justice League, only on a technicality.WR


Are their any knockdown drag-out brawls you think I missed? feel free to comment below!!!

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