Interview with a Cosplayer-Ayachi

Interview with a Cosplayer is back with a mighty vengeance and once again we’re trekking to Canada for a chat with the very sexy Ayachi. At just 22 young lady is ready to set the Cosplay game ablaze with her simply mouth watering designs. And it’s not hard to find her with her growing YouTube channel, and various social media pages. We’re sure that Ayachi will be a Cosplay star for years to come!

What’s the Cosplay scene like in Canada?Ayachi Cosplay

In Canada and there are a ton of conventions like Anime North and Fan Expo. So during convention season it gets really big.

What got you into the art of Cosplay?

I went to Anime North for the first time about four years ago and I fell in love with the cosplay culture and how much hard work and detail went into everyone’s costumes, and i wanted to be a part of it.

Who is your Favorite Character to Cosplay

As of right now my gender bend of Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul is my favorite.

Can you tell us what it takes to make a particular design (time,cost,material,etc)

Most of then stuff I already had in my closet (like the leather jacket and leather shorts) so I just bought the mask and shoes. My sister was kind enough to help me style the wig, which was great. It cost me a total of about 50.00 for the entire cosplay.

Who/What is your biggest inspiration?

YAYA HAN!! I have been following her sconce before i started cosplaying. She is absolutely amazing and i hope one day i can be as great as her.

What are the Biggest cons in (where you live) right now?

Anime North and Fan Expo are the largest currently. There is also the Toronto Comic Con and Otakuthon in Montreal ( I will be attending it for the first time this year!!)

Which one is your favorite?

Anime North OS my favorite right now because the con is HUGE and there is always so many things to do and see. They also hold fashion shows and J Rock concerts.

What Anime are you currently watching?

My hero academia

What games are you currently playing?

Skyrim (and it has taken over my life)

What are you reading at the moment?

Currently reading: No game no life

What is your favorite cosplay moment?

I was recognized for the first time by a guy dressed up as Deadpool and we had a great conversation for about 30 minutes. By far the best moment I have so far.

What’s your Cosplay Horror Story?

Hmmmm. I was dressed up as Kaneki this year at Anime North and this guy came up to me saying all these inappropriate comments on my costume. It was a mess.

Where do you see the art of Cosplay in 5-10 years?

Hopefully it gets a lot more coverage than it does now. The amount of work that cosplayers do is insane and I hope that the world gets to take a peak into our crazy lives. WR









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