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Welcome Back for another installment Interview With a Cosplayer!!! This time we take a trip to the Great White North, Toronto to be exact. Say hello to the very sexy Baeged Cosplay (or Mikki if you prefer). At just 21 She’s as skilled as she is beautiful; and with nearly 6000 followers who am I to argue. Shall we then?

What is the Cosplay scene like in Toronto?

It’s super diverse! The Toronto and GTA cosplay scene is filled with so many cosplayers of all different skill levels. We have beginners and seasoned veterans. What I love about it is that everyone is willing to help the other ones. People are quick to offer assistance when another cosplayer is struggling with an aspect of their costume.

What got you into the art of Cosplay?

Originally, I got into cosplay 7 years ago after participating in a high school fashion show. I was required to design and create outfits based on iconic figures. I chose super heroes. It wasn’t until after the fashion show did it occur to me I could use the newfound skills to create costumes. I went to a convention, realized people were wearing them their, and the rest is history.

Who are your favorite characters to Cosplay?

Revy- Black Lagoon

My absolute favourite characters to cosplay is Revy from Black Lagoon and Samus Aran from Metroid. The costume for Revy is super comfortable and easy to move around in; plus,she and I are pretty similar, so it’s easy to get into character. Samus is a role model to me, and I strive to emulate her courage and resolve.

Can you tell me what it took to make this particular design? (Time, cost, materials, etc)

((I’ll answer this question in reference to my Varia suit)) EVA foam, Worbla, tears, fabric and patience. I had never made armour before this costume, but I have no chill and Samus is my favourite character. The entire process took about 6 months, mostly because I had to teach myself how to build armour in the process. I must have remade the suit 5 times before I was happy with the results! Overall, the cost of learning to create it, and building the final product was about $1000.

Who/What is your biggest inspiration?

I’m super inspired by Kamui Cosplay and Alyson Tabitha. The work that they put forth is so amazingly professional. I’m also equally as inspired by my local community, who keep encouraging me to strive for perfection.

What are the Biggest cons in Toronto right now?

Currently, Anime North and FanExpo is the largest in my city, but I do try traveling to conventions around Canada and the USA.

Which one is your favorite?




What is your favorite cosplay moment?

It’s hard to pinpoint just one favourite moment, there are so many. But, I can say that getting a full group cosplay and having people recognize and appreciate the full group is a big contender for “favourite”


What is your cosplay horror story?

Zero suit Samus

One time, while I was changing into my Zero Suit Samus cosplay at a convention, the zipper on my suit broke. A few friends of mine tried to get it working again, but to no avail. I was saved by the Toronto Cosplay Medic: he sewed me into my suit. I couldn’t pee all day!


Where do you see the art of Cosplay in the next 5-10 years?

Hopefully, continuing include ALL people, regardless of height, weight, race, gender, sexual orientation or anything else.I hope this hobby continues to bring everyone joy.WR
















For more info on Baeged Cosplays check out her Facebook page

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