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Once again it’s On!!! Welcome back fellow Wanderers for another edition of Interview with a Cosplayer. This time we head over to the mountain nation of Macedonia for a little chat with the simply stunning and highly skilled Elnias Cosplay. I’m fairly certain you haven’t heard of Macedonia before but after seeing this you may want to get you passport in order. Let’s press onward!

What is the Cosplay scene like in Macedonia?

The Cosplay scene in Macedonia is on the lowest level at present.

What got you into the art of Cosplay?

I did a last minute cosplay for a Halloween party and I have been doing it ever since.

Who are your favorite characters to Cosplay?

Elnias Cosplay
Lagertha from Vikings

I always find myself cosplaying strong female characters like Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail, and Lagertha from the TV show Vikings.

Can you talk about what it took to make this particular design? (Time, cost, materials, etc)

It took about a month,costed about 36 dollars, I used cardboard,leather fabric, craft foam, dyes, and wire

Who/What is your biggest inspiration?

Jessica Nigri and Kamui Cosplay because they look so pretty in their cosplays and they are always very detailed.

What are the Biggest cons in (where you live) right now?

There are no cons where I live, Just small gatherings once in a while and they are not really centered on Cosplay as much as on they are on anime and other aspects of Japanese culture.

What is your favorite cosplay moment?

My favorite cosplay moment is the time of the photo shoots,because that’s when I feel like the character the most. Especially when I was cosplaying Lagertha, I didn’t want to go home afterwards.

What is your cosplay horror story?

When I went to a small con and because at that time I was new to cosplay and did a very poor job on the props,by the time I got there the color of my props began to fall and when I got there I broke my sword.

Where do you see the art of Cosplay in the next 5-10 years?

I think it will be a little more accepted by elder people (referring to my country) and referring to the world, maybe if Cosplayers have really nailed their cosplay they could be cast in a movie. WR












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