Interview With a Cosplayer: Lucky in Red Cosplay

Interview with a Cosplayer is back like fashion from 20 years ago. Giving you another dose of cosplay goodness! Our feature Cosplayer today hailing all the way from Canada by way of Winnipeg is the muy caliente Lucky in Red Cosplay. It’s all about details, details, details, when it comes to this young lady. She leaves no stone un-turned when it comes to her creations, utilizing all kinds of mediums to make very well crafted designs. Lucky in Red Cosplay is very spirited and you can definitely see her personality shine through in her pose she makes. It’s my pleasure to allow her to drop the mic.

What is the Cosplay scene like in Winnipeg?

Cosplay in my hometown is actually quite ridiculous. It is pretty popular, but at times it feels like a big competition 24/7. I really don’t know how to put it nicely or truthfully. But it is intense. A lot of them either want it for fame or craftsmanship so I can’t really give you the right answer for that. At most times I see a lot at my local cons dressing up as a way to be other than themselves (a coping strategy from mental illness).

What got you into the art of Cosplay?

Funny story, I actually been cosplaying since I was 5 years old as Sailor Moon and Barbie I was pretty much bullied and wanted to be someone who doesn’t care for bullies (Sailor Moon). I always wanted to be her and am planning for next year to be her again. But other than that, when I moved into my new neighborhood my friend told me about our local con and it’s funny because “Riddle” was one of the founders apparently. They told me the actual term and I got my aunt to make me a Lucky Star cosplay. I also made a quick cosplay of Helga from Pokemon: Black/White out of stuff from my closet for the next day lol.

Who are your favorite characters to Cosplay?

Yuki Apoy
Ruby (RWBY)

I love being Ruby from RWBY. Only because I can make her cute little voice and we’re both so hyper-active it’s crazy! Other than that, when my boyfriend isn’t at a con with me I love being Cinder Fall because I can be the complete opposite and act as if I am mature. Moana started to become my favorite and I really should get some shots of it. I think it’s only Ruby at most. I might wear my Hannah Alexander Lightning again. I looked hot! Lol

Can you tell us what it took to make this particular design? (Time, cost, materials, etc)

Yuki Apoy

Oh… Ruby took me like two months and literally cost me under $100 for everything. I think at most it was, at least, $70 something with the prop. I sorta thrifted a little. Moana only took me less than a week and was $30 in total??? It was a quick one and it actually turned out nice.

Who/What is your biggest inspiration?

Bad to say Jessica Nigri?** I mean she’s so outgoing and makes me laugh sometimes. Of course she’s pretty but a lot of people are. I really like her Worbla art and how she doesn’t take shit from anyone. There’s also Casey who is the really active side of Labinnak cosplay. She’s sweet, I talk to her sometimes. Really nice girl, charming and outgoing. I need better cards when we play Cards against Humanity.

What are the Biggest cons in Winnipeg right now?

Ai-Kon and C4 are the only big ones. Though I really like Ai-Kon more. Only because I won the Brunch with the Guests raffle and collapsed on stage cause of how happy I am. Plus so much panels!!! There’s also FanQuest which is becoming huge. I recommend that too if anyone is ever in Winnipeg.


What are you currently in to?

Uh…. not much right now. I still play League of Legends, Overwatch (but not for too long cause I get motion sickness from first players a lot.) Right now I’m currently trying to get through a list of anime my friends have recommended. Right now I’m on Diabolik Lovers. I’m skipping J for JoJo cause I can’t do it anymore!

What is your favorite cosplay moment?

THERE’S TOO MANY! Wait… I got one! Last Summer Cristina Vee came and I showed her my transforming Miraculous Ladybug dress from Marinette to Ladybug. She was so pleased by it she featured it on her Instagram!

What is your cosplay horror story?

This one has sticked to me since 2015. When I first started to take cosplay seriously, I cosplayed Ruby Rose in her Vol 1-3 outfit. I was inexperienced and did not know how to use foam. So when I went to the con, I was being surrounded and being praised and I loved it!…. Until……. my scythe head broke in the middle of the hallway and I’m pretty sure I heard “OHHH!”‘s and tiny bit of laughs. My dad called and my sister told him and he was mad cause he helped too and told me not to get excited. I think he raised his voice and I started tearing up cause of how much of an embarrassment it was.

Where do you see the art of Cosplay in the next 5-10 years?

I’ve got two opinions to this, I feel as if it may or not become all about making money and fame. Somehow now I see a lot of cosplayers as mostly sexy characters or have patreon where they give out prints out them… well.. in less clothing. Which I don’t mind or judge but it just seems cosplay is becoming more of a popularity contest. At the same time it isn’t. I know a lot of people will probably dislike me for that opinion and say “Oh! She probably is a hypocrite”, “What does she know”, “she’s just jealous she didn’t win a contest”. I mean I guess, but I see it a lot on social media. But also, hopefully in a few years cosplay will be just like when it was a baby. When everyone was having fun, doing it for fun, doing it for the creativity. Not bullying each other for not being accurate. Come on guys! THEY ARE NOT YOUR REAL WIFUS OR HUSBANDOS! These are real people with feelings. I am a person of colour and I am happy to cosplay characters who aren’t my skin type. I know what it is like to be bullied by the cosplay community. But there’s always a way of stopping it, be nice, share, kindness. Cause the world is getting terrible and people need to stand up to the man/status quo. In a few years if we become more accepting towards everyone in cosplay no matter their age, gender, skin/race, etc. Cosplay could be so beautiful, so creative. It is a work of art and can help the economy if it could. To me, I’m seeing it as a getaway from reality and for everyone to be happy in someway.WR
















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**We at The Wandering Ronin DO NOT think it’s bad to say Jessica Nigri………Ever.

Jessica Nigri

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