Interview with a Cosplayer- Sonsoles Feviga: Photo and Cosplay

We’re back like a crook at the scene of the crime with another Interview with a Cosplayer! This time we stop in Salamanca, Spain to chat with the hypnotizing Sonsoles Feviga. What I like about this beauty is that no specific genre is safe from her amazing skills. Anime, Comics, Movies she does it all and puts her own unique touch in her cosplay and photography. She’s definitely holding it down for Espana. Lets get down to business.

What is the Cosplay scene like in Spain?

I think here in Spain there are a lot of amazing cosplayers. Every Con is full of cosplayers and Spain has been sending some cosplayers to international contests. I’ve been cosplaying since 2013, so I can’t tell how was the cosplay scene before, but some friends of mine always say that the numbers of cosplayers have grown in the last years.


What got you into the art of Cosplay?

My first cosplay was in 2013. I went for the first time to “Salón del Manga” in Barcelona with my boyfriend and friends. One of my friends (Kurara Silfo) start planning which would be her first cosplay, and I thought “why not?”. I cosplayed Daenerys Targaryen, on her dothdraki clothes, I learned to sew for this cosplay and, since now, I can’t stop cosplaying!!

Who are your favorite characters to Cosplay?

That’s a difficult question! I always cosplay characters that I love so every of my cosplays are specials in some part. But I have to choose some of them. Leliana (Dragon Age Inquisition) is very special to me, that was my very big challenge as cosplayer. I’m not sure why, but I specially love my Korra (the Legend of Korra) cosplay and it’s really funny to wear it. My genderbender of Anduin Wrynn (World of Warcraft) has a special place too, I designed it based on different arts of Anduin and clothes of the 19th century women. I think Anduin is pretty recognizable on it, even when I change her gender. And of course, two of my lasts cosplays Liz (Blood Lad) and Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter), I think both of them are some of my bests cosplays and I really enjoy wearing them!


Can you tell me what it took to make this particular design? (Time, cost, materials, etc)

Sonsoles Feviga

Bellatrix is my favorite character on Harry Potter saga, I’ve costumed her with my own clothes some years ago, but this year I wanted to make an accurate version of her. It was really cheap, I think I spent about 25$. All was handmade, the dress, the paint on it, the corset, the wand… I’m pretty proud of the wand because I make it in 2014, it was my first handmade prop! And I’m proud of the corset too!! It was a really hard work, it’s made in different pieces, I made them on foam and then I recovered it with a fabric that looks like leather (some people ask me for the leather of the corset!). All the pieces of the corset were joined by a cord. I have to admit that my friend Dokidoki Kosupure put make up on me because I have too much to learn about make up!



Who/What is your biggest inspiration?

The characters I’ve cosplayed, the series, videogames, books I like. Right now, I’m making Ysera from World of Warcraft, and maybe I’ll begin Jaina (from World of Warcraft too) and an original design of a female orc. Why too much World of Warcraft right now? Because I’m playing again World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm (after some months that I can’t play).To see the characters “in action” is my biggest inspiration.


What are the Biggest cons in (where you live) right now?


Here in Spain the biggest Con is the “Salón del Manga” in Barcelona There are some Cons called “Japan Weekend” in different cities of the country. I’ve only been in Madrid’s, but there are others on Barcelona, Bilbao. In my city, Salamanca, since last year there is a Con too the “Salón Otaku”, this year I’ve been as a cosplay collaborator. And… I’m sure that I’ve forgotten lot of important Cons!!


Which one is your favorite?

I have no doubt, Salón del Manga, in Barcelona. It was the first Con I’ve gone in 2013 (when I started as cosplayer) It’s really big, there are a lot of activities and I love that city. Besides, in Barcelona I can meet with some of my friends!


What is your favorite cosplay moment?

Since last year I’ve been collaborating with my local movie theatre in some premiers. I really enjoy all of them. People just appreciate the work of the cosplayers in the premiers but the really special moments are when you see the excited faces of the kids because you’re certain character (I’ve lived this moment several times with my Leia cosplay). It’s really amazing too when some older ask you for a pic. I remember in Star Wars: The Force Awakens Premiere we were Kylo Ren, Rey, Revan, a Stormtrooper and I as Leia and a man in his 60’s ask me, only me, for a picture it was like “woah! That’s because I’m Leia, I’m that character on the original trilogy, he must watched the movies when he was a kid!”


What is your cosplay horror story?

The last “Salón del Manga”, in Barcelona, a friend of mine (Yumi Asakura) and I were going to participate in a cosplay contest, but for some personal reasons we had to cancel our participation. Even so, we decided that we’d try to make our cosplays (Me as Edea and she as Agnès from Bravely Defautl) and wear them. I worked hard to finish it on time, with a lot of mistakes but I would have time to improve it in the future. I traveled to Barcelona (it’s about 800 km from where I live) and I was going to wear my Edea cosplay… I started to prepare myself as her and then… I had forgotten one of the most important parts of the cosplay!! The tie she wears on her head. I cried a lot, because my hard work on it was useless… I could wear my Anduin genderbender instead, but I really hated Edea’s cosplay for a time. Today, I have played the game (we decided these cosplays because I thought I could play it and make the cosplay and it was a huge error), and again I’m very excited with my Edea’s and I’ll try to improve it as soon as I can.

Where do you see the art of Cosplay in the next 5-10 years?

I hope in the next 5-10 years Cosplay would be accepted as a good hobby and an artistic manifestation. I hope that the “cosplay world” evolve to a respect one. Nowadays there are lot of bad critics, some of them really hurtful, I have not received one of them, but I really want them to disappear. WR











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