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Welcome Back to another installment of Interview with a Cosplayer and this one is a real treat. There are some people on this earth that you can look at upon first glance and see that they’re meant for something. Micheal Jordan looks like he was meant to play basketball, Audrey Hepburn looked as if she was destined for the screen. In the case of Annie Lee Cosplay upon first glance you can see that she is without question born to be a Cosplayer….or anything else she wants to do for that matter she’s on another level entirely. A model through and through her looks are flawless easily capable of gracing Magazine covers like Sports Illustrated, or Maxim. It would be almost nothing to write her off as just a pretty face but her hands-on skill and resourcefulness will quickly demonstrate otherwise. Annie Lee’s combo of killer looks, talent, and drive will take her far. In time the Cosplay community will be quite glad that this soon to be world conqueror chose Cosplay as her platform to do so. Let’s give Annie Lee Cosplay the Floor!

What is the Cosplay scene like on Long Island?

Being a university student, I get the joy of experiencing two cosplay communities, but since I’m mainly based on Long Island, I’ll discuss that. Long Island’s cosplay scene is really interesting to say the least. Everyone is really supportive of each other, and we all want each other to succeed. We help each other get gigs. We go to Cons together. In times of hardship, we pull together to lift each other up. It’s like a big family!

What got you into the art of Cosplay?

I’ve always been a creative type – from drawing and painting to designing and sewing. I also have a theatre background, which lends itself heavily to my cosplay style. The first time I cosplayed, I didn’t really know much about it, but my friend took me to my first Con and told me people love to dress up for it, so I followed suit and got hooked immediately!

Annie lee Cosplay

Who are your favorite characters to Cosplay?

I love to take characters from my childhood, like Ariel, but I’ve also recently gotten into characters that push my out of my comfort zone in terms of acting or impersonation, costume-making (although I love to sew, I’m not great at it), and make up techniques.

Annie lee Cosplay

Samara from The Ring is one example of a cosplay that pushed my limits in almost every way, since I needed to contort my body for photos, and do makeup I wasn’t used to. A cosplay that pushes me similarly that I’m working on is Dr. Rockso from Metalocalypse. My current favorite from my collection is Negan Bunny – a mashup of Negan from The Walking Dead and a classic Playboy Bunny.


Can you tell me what it took to make this particular design? (Time, cost, materials, etc)

Annie lee Cosplay
Bunny Neegan

This cosplay was honestly a lot easier to put together than some of my previous ones, like Ariel. I got the body suit from Spirit Halloween, and the ears and cuffs off Amazon. I made the tail out of cotton balls and strong fabric glue. I already had the fishnets and high heels in my closet, and the holes in the fishnets felt like a perfect fit for the post-apocalyptic world Negan resides in. The jacket and scarf I found at Goodwill for under $6 which was pretty freaking sweet. For the fake wounds and blood effects, I used a Ben Nye palette I had from a makeup course I took at school. For the bat, Lucille, I made that in about a night out of extra cardboard I had, scotch and duct tape, upholstery foam, brown fabric and hot glue. For the barbed wire, I used silver yarn and hot glue. To add blood effects to the bat, I used the red creme from the same Ben Nye palette I used to make my wounds.

Who/What is your biggest inspiration?

When I first got into cosplay, Jessica Nigri and Meg Turney were huge inspirations to me, but as I’ve gotten more in tune with who I am as a cosplayer, I’ve found more inspiration in cosplayers I’ve met and worked with such as Tom Catt, an amazing LI cosplayer.

What are the Biggest cons on Long Island right now?

For Long Island, Eternal Con and New York Comic Con are the two largest that I have been to. There’s so many others that happen throughout the year, it’s hard to name them all.

Which one is your favorite?

Although I love New York Comic Con with a passion, I love the intimacy of Eternal Con, and the fact that it’s closer to home and in the summer when I’m not at university.

What are you currently in to?

In terms of anime, I’m currently rewatching Corpse Party. I haven’t had the money for new game systems, so I’ve been watching Let’s Plays of South Park: The Fractured But Whole and Cuphead. I’m currently reading the first book in the Game of Thrones series!

What is your favorite cosplay moment?

My favorite moment during cosplay has to be when I was dressed as Pikachu, and this little boy came up to me, starstruck, and said “she’s real!” before giving me a hug. I still get choked up about it – creating that sense of magic and wonder for kids makes all the effort worth it.

What is your cosplay horror story?

Oh jeez haha! I’ve got to say forgetting nearly every accessory and the shoes for my Catwoman cosplay and having to improvise with a day’s notice. Not fun at all, but most you can do is work with what you’ve got.

Where do you see the art of Cosplay in the next 5-10 years?

I see cosplay evolving even further with people really pushing the boundaries of how creative they can be with their characters. From 10 ft tall mechs, to knitted costumes, the sky’s the limit on how creative we can be!WR














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