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Back at it like an addict with another edition of Interview with a Cosplayer! This time we stop the beautiful city of Albuquerque to chat with the talented (and Hot) Jess-akita Cosplay. Not afraid of a challenge, Jess-akita Cosplay does whatever it takes to┬ábring her ideas to life. And when she’s not leaving jaws dangling with her Cosplay she’s showcasing her skills on as well. She’s got it all, undeniable skill and killer good looks. And with thousands of followers already Jess-akita Cosplay is bound to have future convention goers lining up for miles! Let’s give Jess-akita Cosplay ample room to kick game.

What’s The Cosplay Scene like in Albuquerque?

The local con scene where I’m at is a diverse one. There are tons of cons to go to. They can range into smaller anime based cons to cons strictly for cosplay.

What Got you into the art of Cosplay?

I would be lying if the show “Heroes of cosplay” didn’t spark my interest. It however was not my main inspiration, i would see movies or comics and try to find ways to make those costumes even if it was just for Halloween.

Who are your Favorite Characters to cosplay?


They are all my favorites. I choose a character and go for it. But as for the one that i had the most personal pressure to make was Psylocke. Her costume was hand fabricated, and I honed a blade for that one.

Can you tell me what it took to make a particular design? (Time, cost, materials, etc)

I plan all my costumes a year in advance. This way i can budget on a small scale money wise to buy what i need. I also have a one a year purchase of Worbla, for my armor. That i do with an industrial supplier that sells it in bulk. All fabric and small things are bought in small amounts like 20 dollars every two weeks but it depends on the build. Right now im building a redo of my armored cosplay of Ikaros so yes the cost is a bit higher but not by much.


Who/What is your biggest inspiration?

As a kid special effects in movies inspired me. As an adult Yaya Han, Holly Conrad, Ivy Doom Kitty, Carl Martin inspired me to perfect my craft. Right now im in love with my friend Cree Nicole, she has pushed me into costumes I never thought I would be doing.

What are the Biggest cons in your town right now?

The biggest cons are the Albuquerque comic con and the Santa Fe con. These are the red carpet of events in my area. Everyone is goes in with their A-game.

What are you in to?

Right now I’m burning through anime like its the only thing on TV. But religiously its the new Dragon Ball.

What is your favorite cosplay moment?

There was a girl a con who was mentally disabled that i was at the table i was helping. There on the tag was Lady Death but i was dressed as black cat that day. She said,” that’s you.” I smiled and continued to help the table. On my way to a contest this same girl ran up to me and hugged me saying,” I love you.” I wanted to cry, and hugged her back.

What is your cosplay horror story?

Well the armor I’m rebuilding is Ikaros from heavens lost property. I built the armor and took it to a competition. It started to break down on the spot, and i was lucky it held till the end of me being on stage.

Where do you see the art of Cosplay in the next 5-10 years?

I believe it will progress to more free form designs to express the character. Keeping the key elements even still but trying to push the edge of fashion then more just the character as a warrior or steampunk. Its hopefully going in a design format that pushes more than going off a photograph and leans to redesigning a character to be new and different.WR












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