Interview with a Cosplayer Rockabilly Roxie

Back once again is Interview with a cosplayer and this time we’re in Ocala Fla to chat with the talented, sexy, and dangerous Rockabilly Roxie. When she’s not steaming up your goggles with her ultra risky Cosplay’s she’s literally turning the heat as a fire dancer!!! We truly are moths to her flame, if she keeps this up she’ll be a house hold name in no time. Let’s see what she’s got going on and try to keep the drooling to a minimum.


What is the Cosplay scene like in Ocala?

I live in Ocala, so the cosplay scene is exsistant, but not as much as I feel other Cosplayers want it to be. Being close to Orlando and Tampa is amazing, because the Cosplay scene there is astounding, but I won’t lie though; I do like how close knit the society in Ocala is. Everyone that you meet is extremely nice and always wanting to learn about your cosplay, tell you about theirs, exchange tips and tricks, help take photos for you at our con. It really genuine in our town and I love that.

What got you into the art of Cosplay?

I have always been into costuming and dressing up, so I already had a room full of costumes. But in 1999, Silent Hill came out. I remember being 13 and playing and becoming so attached to the character of Lisa. There was just something about her and I wanted to dress up as her. Within the next two years, I had made an exact replica of her outfit. I wore it for Halloween and other people would ask me who I was, when I divulged to them that I was Lisa Garland from Silent Hill, they would ask me if I went to conventions and Cosplayed. “Cosplay? Conventions?What’s that?” I asked. Within the next hour, I learned about conventions and cosplaying. I was losing it! There was actual convention where people like me dressed as their favorite superhero/video game/comic book character!! I looked up our nearest and next convention and found that it was Megacon in Orlando. My sister and I saved every penny we had and went to our first convention in the spring of ’02. We had no idea what we were getting into. We walked in, a naive 16 year old and her 15 year old sister. And we had our minds blown. I became hooked instantly. The cosplays, the feel, the convention high took me up and I don’t think I ever came down. I came home and instantly started on another outfit. From there I haven’t stopped. I don’t think I ever will.

Who are your favorite characters to Cosplay?

Rockabilly Roxy
Black Cat

My absolute favorite would have to be my Lisa after she was dragged to hell by Dr. Kaufmann and became the first “bubblehead nurse”. That charcater has been a huge part of my life both inside and outside of cons. I can still wear it at cons and it is still well recieved and remarked over. Even almost a decade later. It has taken me all over Florida to work in some of the most amazing haunted houses that I have ever had the pleasure to take part in. My second would have to be Black Cat. When I am her, I feel so fierce, so sexy and unstoppable. Like I can take on the world and all it has to offer. I also always enjoy doing Killing Joke Barbara Gordon and having my partner do Killing Joke Joker and push me around in a wheelchair. The looks we get as amazing and we always have fun doing a partner cosplay. There are so many I can’t choose! Right now, I am working on a full build of Mei and I have a feeling she is going to become one of my favorites as well!


Can you tell me what it took to make this particular design? (Time, cost, materials, etc)

As almost all of my cosplays, minus two; have been hand built by me. I can’t even begin to estimate the time I have put into my work. My most time consuming I would say would have to be my 2nd gen Lisa (Bubblehead nurse) I not only had to make an exact Lisa again, then I had to destroy and deteriorate it to make it look like I had been dragged to hell and back, literally. So I already had wrapped up in it (roughly) white material ($50), nurse uniform pattern ($15), notions ($20), red nurse flats ($25), nurses hat ($20), hosiery ($10), gauze x3 ($5), red sweater ($20). I had already invested roughly $175 into this build and now I needed to destroy it. I felt so wrong but so good doing it! I burned it, baked it with tea, painted it strategically, rubbed ground herbs and spices made into a paste onto it (it still smells of cinnamon and nutmeg when you unbox it) and it came out amazing. This supplies were probably $30) the whole build was probably $200-$250. I can’t even begin to list what Mei has cost me…. crawls into a corner. Probably the reason I made a Patreon. 😂

Who/What is your biggest inspiration?

As a person, right now I would say Momokun is my biggest inspiration. She is a gorgeous plus size cosplayer and all of her work is just breathtaking. She’s thorough, talented, fun, beautiful, everything wrapped into one. Every time I look at her pictures I just get inspired to do more and be better. I dream of working with her one day and to be as amazing at this art as she is. As for what inspires me, I think it would have to be the fact of that in Cosplay there are no limits. You can be anybody or anything you want to be, you can let your imagination run wild and not be judged or criticized for it, and it is amazing.

What are the Biggest cons in Ocala right now?

Being in Florida we have so many! There’s Megacon, Comic-Con, Supercon, Otaku-con. Those are just naming a few, and sometimes they show up in multiple cities as well. For instance, we have a spring Megacon in Orlando and a fall Megacon in Tampa. Then there are fan run cons going on all year round that I can’t even begin to name some of them. probably every month there’s some con going on in some part of Florida and it makes it amazing for a cosplayer who is addicted to it!

Which one is your favorite?

I would probably have to say fall Megacon is my favorite. Spring Megacon is amazing but there are so many people you can never get a chance to see everyone in their amazing outfits. I am gearing up right now to go to fall Megacon and cannot wait!
Danni Sutton

What are you in to right now?

Right now, while I’m waiting on season 2 of Castlevania; I have been watching Parasyte, Toyko Ghoul, Attack on Titan and Pet Shop of Horrors again. I really enjoy the darker amines, especially horror. As for reading, for books right now I’m reading “Pride & Prejudice and Zombies”, which is an amazing take on Jane Austen’s classic. Comic wise, I am reading “The Evil That Men Do” from the Spiderman Series because I’m having a Black Cat obsession right now.
As for playing, if I want to relax, I’m playing Parasite Eve 2. If I want to seriously game, I’m playing Fallout 4.

What is your favorite cosplay moment?

My favorite Cosplay moments would have to be when I do Snow White. The children running up to me with so much excitement on their faces, squealing to have a picture with me. It makes my heart burst. Having kids throw their arms around me and tell me how happy it made them to see me. Nothing to me can replicate that kind of happiness. I love being stopped and asked to have my photo, but being aprroached by a parent and asked if their kid and huh me and talk to me. Nothing, I repeat; there is nothing like it.

What is your cosplay horror story?

My cosplay horror story, oh boy…. It wasn’t even at a con, it wasn’t even a costume malfunction or an embarrassing moment, but it did involve my nurse cosplay and it was horrific. I was working at a haunted house at a huge club. It was Halloween night and the club was having a huge bash and running the haunted house at the same time. There was a line out around the block, we were running groups through one right after the other. We stopped only for water breaks because our energy was so amped and we were loving the night. I was in a “hospital room”. For this particular house, I would stand right inside the doorway, hidden in the shadows. The guest would walk into the “operation room”, but their eyes would be drawn to the massacre happening on the operating table. When they turned around to leave was when they would see me. Some of the guest had already imbibed prior to coming and at the club, so some were easier to scare and some were a bit too buzzed to have their senses about them to even be scared enough. Then there was this guy. His group walks into my room and they were at least smart enough to look right as they entered to see any oncoming scares. The group noticed me and gasped/screamed/cried out for their boyfriends. This one dude walks right up to me, I could smell the booze on his breath through my gauze, “Oh my God guys! Guys! This is the Silent Hill Nurse! F*co she’s hot!” He then takes his hand and grabs me in a very intimate place and then takes his other hand and grabs my breast, he then yanks me close to him and proceeds to lick my neck, getting a mouthful of my body paint. It happened so fast, within two seconds. I can’t tell you what I felt inside. I reacted the only way I knew how to. I drew up the lead pipe that was leant to me as a prop and slammed it down on an adjacent display, screaming the code word for our security at the top of my lungs. Instantly, the dude jumped back screaming “It’s real! It’s not a dummy, it’s real!” His friends caught him, stammering incoherantly as I drew up my pipe and slammed it down again screaming at him, “Of course I’m real you son of a bitch, even if I’m not what gives you the right to put your hands on me!” Like a flash, security was in my room, one took the pipe from my hands and sprinted my shaking body into a corner to check on me, another grabbed him and dragged him out. I never saw his face that well, as mine was covered in gauze. I wouldn’t know him on the street if I ever saw him, and that sickens me. I still think about it every time I pull out my nurse. Everytime I see a “Cosplay is not consent” sign at a convention, I hold back tears. It is a serious matter.

Where do you see the art of Cosplay in the next 5-10 years?

I know I don’t ever see myself stopping so I’m hoping in a decade that my art has improved exponentially. I hope that I’m better, I hope that I’m more thorough, I hope that I can bring the characters to life even better in the future than I do now. I would love to be able to make a name for myself, even a small one. Just to be able to travel to the conventions and share what I love and share tips and tricks on how I do it.











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