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Welcome back to another installment of Interview With a Cosplayer! It’s been a long while since the last entry, but we promise this one is well worth the wait. Say hello to Zungie, this Hong Kong native definitely has some mind bending skills when it comes to the finished product. So much so we had to check twice to see that she was quite the lovely lady! Zungie takes the Genderbend/Crossdress sub-genre of Cosplay to a different level entirely but that is nowhere near where it ends. This femme fatale can tackle any cosplay look you can think of. She can go from cute and adorable to dangerously sexy on a whim, all while leaving you utterly defenseless. Let’s give Zungie the floor.

What is the Cosplay scene like where you live?

I am born in Hong Kong and currently reside in Rochester New York, so I have encountered both side. In these two areas, there is an increase in the number of cosplayers and the community is growing bigger. Last summer in Hong Kong, I could see lots of unfamiliar facesĀ  walking around theĀ convention area, and here in Rochester as a member of the RIT Cosplay Troupe we are bringing in more people to partake in our weekly meetings and events. Seeing such scenes, I couldn’t help but rejoice and be happy about it, not only that, I am very fortunate to meet amazing friends in these two opposite parts of the Earth, for places with them in, it simply make my passion for cosplay lit up once again and the cosplay life very fruitful and fun.

What got you into the art of Cosplay?

When I was at the age of 14-15, my best friend PH.Mnstr Cosplay kept pestering me to cosplay with her, until I agreed and went to my first Hong Kong Anime Convention (ACGHK) as Hinata from Naruto. As beginners, we knew barely anything about it, but then we researched and learned together to improve. Later then, joining the RIT Cosplay Troupe has heightened my passion in the art of cosplay and that’s what happened.

Who are your favorite characters to Cosplay?

There are a lot of characters I absolutely love to cosplay, especially they are challenging to me. If I have to name some, I would say Trafalgar Law (ONE PIECE) and Medusa Gorgon (SOUL EATER).

Can you tell me what it took to make these particular designs?

Trafalgar Law

For both Medusa and Trafalgar Law, I mostly bought the specific items, with the exception that I bought a fitting light color jeans for Law and used fabric paint to paint the spot on in order to get close to the originality of the design. What consume my time more is the effort to put in the makeup. Law is my first time I got to apply my fake goatee on the chin to crossdress , Medusa was definitely a big attempt for me as she is evil and yet has her own unique charm.

Who/What is your biggest inspiration?


I have a lot of people I admire, but to conclude everything, my biggest inspirations are to bring the characters I love to life and keep on improving and challenging myself.

What are the Biggest cons in right now?

In Hong Kong, the biggest conventions are ACGHK and Rainbow Gala. In Rochester New York, I’ll say it would be Tora-Con.

Which one is your favorite?

I’ll say Tora-Con. I was a staff artist once for the convention and part of the last two year’s chess show casts, so it is more fruitful and fun and I can also be part of the panel with my good friends. So the events there can pretty much occupy me.

What are you in to?

ONE PIECE is my forever favorite, it holds a special place in my heart. Currently I am watching the new anime called Juuni Taisen (12 Zodiacs), playing League of Legends and reading lots of mangas and manhwa.

What is your cosplay horror story?

Successfully sewed sleeveless hood jacket for the first time from scratch (for Kamen Rider W’s Philip cosplay), it looked great until I accidentally put it in the washing machine and it was ruined. Goodbye my first love haha.

Where do you see the art of Cosplay in the next 5-10 years?

Being in cosplay since 2008-2009, I witness the growth during these time, and from what I see for the future, the cosplay community will grow bigger and it would be more widely accepted.WR














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