Lupin The 3rd!!!!!!!!!

In the life of a thief there’s the constant thrill of the chase. Ice cold killers, smoking hot women. Countless treasures and endless wealth. The cost? Quite possibly your life. Navigating this world of treachery and excess is the legendary Lupin the 3rd and his crew of skilled thieves. Since the series creation in 1967 by Monkey Punch! Lupin and his gang has made the entire globe their playground during their many unlawful exploits throughout the years.



Lupin The 3rd

Lupin the 3rd

Without question Lupin the 3rd is coolest guy in anime. His criminal minds is on par with just about anyone in Batman’s rogues gallery yet he’s the hero of the series. Grandson to Arsene Lupin The gentleman thief, thievery is in his DNA. With inspiration stemming from spy versus spy and 007 Lupin always gets the girl, the loot and always gets away from the cops. And with his trademark red blazer and a Walther P 38 he always does it in style.

Lupin The 3rd


Daisuke Jigen

Sporting his own equal the iconic look this former Chicago hitman is always on the mark. Having been by Lupin’s side since nearly day one it’s easy to refer to Jigen simply a sidekick but if he ever hears you say that allowed certain POW is the last thing you ever hear. As an expert marksman with various fire arms I wouldn’t want to get on Jigen’s bad side.

Lupin The 3rd

Goemon Ishikawa XIII

In a world where crazed gunman come with the territory it highly ironic that a man armed only with a Zantetsu sword is the “muscle” of the team. of all the colorful characters in Lupin third Goemon is perhaps it’s lone superhuman casually swatting bullets away like flies and making short work of military vehicles. Also hailing from a great lineage of thievery Goemon is the 13th descendant of the legendary samurai thief bearing his namesake. Combine his extraordinary skill with his unwavering faith in the way of Bushido this thief definitely has honor.

Lupin The 3rd

Fujiko Mine

She can be your ultimate fantasy come true or your worst nightmare just ask Lupin she has him wrapped around her finger. Way more than just eye candy “Fujicakes” is Lupin’s equal in the nearly every way. Being an expert con artist, thief, and master disguise in her own right Fujiko effortlessly uses her feminine charm to get what she’s after. This femme fatale will definitely steal your stuff but not before you give her your heart.

Lupin The 3rd

Keibu Zenigata

Wherever Lupin may roam you can rest assured that detective Zenigata is not far behind. This highly decorated, highly motivated, and definitely highly agitated interpole detective has made the capture of Lupin his life’s mission. There’s only one problem: Lupin is the best at making Zenigata’s life utterly miserable. You can’t help but feel pity for “Pops” as he’s commonly called he’s always so close yet so far away. WR

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