The Best Anime Guide to a Perfect Summer Vacation

Childhood can be a special time; summer as a child, doubly so. With the world at your fingertips, those long, hot summer days can provide the perfect canvas for just about any activity. Whether your days take you on an exploration through a forest or a quiet afternoon in a good book, as long as you have your imagination, you’ll have the right tools to make memories that last a lifetime.

Much like outer space, the imagination of a child (or child-at-heart) is an infinite expanse teeming with possibility. There’s no way to explore any of the endless surprises and adventures that are waiting for us unless we dive in with both feet. And that’s exactly why Welcome to the Space Show’s romp through the cosmos is the best guide in anime for the perfect summer vacation!

First, one of the best parts about summer is chowing down on great food. And sometimes, like the kids in Welcome to the Space Shower, you have to travel as far as the moon to get that satisfying grub. After all, Pochi – the children’s connoisseur of the cosmos – swears by moon food. But whether you’re at a cookout on Earth or a food court on the Moon, the staple of any good summer meal is a good ol’ fashioned hamburger. Pair this with some soda and some fries (french or intergalactic, either will do), and you’ve got yourself a party for your tastebuds.

Second, get out there and make new friends. Whether it’s a chance encounter or a planned meeting with a coworker, having more people to share your interests and memories with makes for a perfect summer. That’s what Kouji did, at least, befriending his boss’ daughter, a squid-like alien called Ink. What better way to spend your summer than with the friends you make while enjoying it? You might find new games to play or learn more about the world around you. Even if the summer comes to an end, you’ll always have the memory of the time spent with that friend to cherish forever. So, aspire for a friendship like Kouji and Ink – one you’ll carry with you until the end of time.

Third, with all the free time summer has to offer, day trips make the perfect outing. Perhaps your parents (or your dog-like tour guide) have some business to attend to. Take time to explore whatever piques your interest! Whether it’s around the block or a train ride past the moon, you’d be surprised at what kind of activities you can find to fill the day. Your local aquarium is a great start – especially for you space lovers out there. Some sea creatures resemble life from outer space more than anything else we’re used to on Earth. Really makes you wonder if aliens are truly among us…

Another great day trip is to visit a museum. Museums are filled with rich history, like artifacts telling the stories of civilizations and time periods from as far back as the Earth’s creation. Some might even have you pondering how maybe the world as we know it was once the fantasy of an ancient dreamer. Just watch your belongings. As the heroes of Welcome to the Space Shower find out, there are some pretty awful wasabi-stealing aliens out there…

Fourth – of course, you don’t always have to venture far to find something to do. You can get the same rush of adventure from binge-watching the right TV show, or reading some comic books. Much like space, shows and books hold ample worlds to explore. These ones just provide the benefit of exploring them from the comfort of a chair, bed, or couch. If the couch is your calling, be like Goba. Get right into a show to the point where it becomes an unhealthy obsession. When it goes on tour, follow it from city to city (or in his case, planet to planet).

Fifth, know you’ll need to pull yourself away from your couch every now and again. Go from obsessions about a show to collecting its merch – just like Goba! Starting a collection of items dear to your heart can prove to be a fun summer project. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be as mundane as rocks or stamps, as gross as bugs, or as strange as solid-gold TV show figurines (that absolutely must be kept in pristine condition). But no matter what you collect, collect a lot of it. At the end of the summer, the best feeling is having that collection of stuff to show off.

Sixth, if the sun and the heat aren’t really your thing, head out to a park at night, grab a blanket, drape it over a flat spot, and lay back. The night sky is full of wonder, twinkling with millions of little lights as if the universe is saying hello to us. Much like space itself, you might find yourself a bit lost staring into the night sky. You might even get lucky and see a shooting star. It might not be as beautiful as the supernova the kids in Welcome to the Space Show got to see, but it’ll be pretty close!

Finally, if lazing around for days on end has you antsy, pick up a part-time job. It doesn’t matter what kind of work it is. It can be something light and breezy, mentally taxing, or downright physically exhausting. There’s never a bad reason – or a bad way – to earn a little extra pocket money for trinkets, snacks, or outings during summer vacation. As long as you’re not stuck taking care of alien babies or sorting through intergalactic luggage just so you can get home, you should be fine.

Before you know it, summer will have come and gone for another year. You’ll swap your t-shirt out for a jacket and your shorts for a pair of jeans. You’ll tuck your box of treasures under the bed for safe keeping. School will be looming its ugly head around the corner, waiting to suck up any notion of free time until the next summer.

One thing’s for certain, though. The memories and friends you made this summer will be a part of you, in some way, for as long as you live. And this is just one summer. Like planets in the galaxy, there are many more summers to explore. As the kids of Welcome to the Space Show settle back into the regular boring world, their journeys, the friends they made along the way, and Pochi’s help will never be forgotten.

How are you planning on spending your summer vacation? If you’re not exactly sure what you want to do, check out Welcome to the Space Show here on Crunchyroll for a little inspiration!

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