Top 5 Anime Swordsmen By Ray A.

The sword is an iconic weapon throughout anime. Even more iconic are the men who wield them. The bond between a man and his sword is a sacred one and these bad ass swordsman display that bond with every cut stab and slash. This list is on the compromise of Warriors whose primary mode of attack and defense is the sword and his non-super human skill. For example Inu-Yasha and Hiei (from Yu Yu Hukusho) are both demons with magical powers that vastly surpass there already deadly swordsmanship thus excluding them from this list. So with that said En guard!!!!!


When I started this list I was certain that the ice cold jin would represent the Samurai Champloo series but at the last second I chose his unruly traveling companion Mugen. He’s rude, lewd and quite possibly the only swordsman here that fights the way he does. His raw wild movements make him unpredictable in battle.

4.Jubei Kibagame

The only swordsman on this list that isn’t classified as a samurai. This wandering ninja is always cool under pressure and it’s that frosty the meter that gives him the edge over photos that are easily more powerful than he is. You may be able to knock Jubei down but you’ll never take him out!

3.Ruroni Kenshin

With the manslayer as a nickname Kenshin was a hellish force on the battlefield. A deadly whirlwind of blood, guts,and flying limbs. Before he took his vow not to shed more blood he quickly and mercilessly dispatched of his foes. Two things about him stand out, his reverse blade sword and his ultra sunny disposition. He’d much rather sit down to a nice cup of tea with you then duel but don’t be fooled, if he does decide to duel make sure your affairs are in order.

2.Goemon Ishikawa XIII

Bullets? He sweats them away like flies. Armored vehicles? He dispatches them faster than the wind in flight. During the opening credits he casually slashes through entire buildings like papier-mâché. With all that Mayhem that surrounds Lupin and his crew Goemon armed only with his Zantetsu sword is the muscle of the team.

1.Afro samurai

Truly a cut above the rest (no pun intended) Afro samurai is a maestro with the blade. With some of the gnarliest villains on this list Afro faces the craziest odds imaginable. Whether he’s falling from 30,000 feet up, slicing an RPG missile in half from point blank range or squaring up against Cybernetically enhanced man in a teddy bear suit Afro always gets the job done. 

Is there anyone I left out? Let me know what’s up in the comments below!!!

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