Top 5 Black Super Heroines that arent Storm

In May 1975 Storm made her legendary debut in Giant-Size X-men #1. At that time she was Marvel’s first Black female hero. Since then a plethora of Ebony skinned Super Heroines have emerged in her wake but it’s without question that Storm is definitely the cream of the crop. The purpose of this list is to show a little love and shed a little spotlight on other black super heroines that grace the comic scene. so with that said……..LETS GET IT!!!!

5. Vixen

Created in 1982 Vixen is DC’s first black Superheroine. Born in the nation of Zambezi Mari Jiwe was raised by her father until he was murdered by her Uncle over the mystical Tantu Totem forcing her to flee to America. Seeking revenge for the death for his death Mari returned to her African homeland to face her uncle and upon defeating him she reclaimed the power of the totem and took the name Vixen. Originally believing the Tantu Totem was the source of her powers mimicking the power of any animal later it was revealed that not only does she have these powers all along but she could also mimic other super powered beings as well.



4. Martha Washington

A high-level engineer, decorated astronaut, and a soldier to the core Martha Washington has cojones so big she makes Seal Team six look like One Direction. Being right smack in the middle of America’s second Civil War where freedom is a privilege not a right Martha fights to restore liberty to her nation. The only character listed here with no powers whatsoever, Martha has faced scores of foes with nothing more than her knowledge and her heart. By the time you’re done reading her saga your ideas of what it means to be American will be forever changed.


3. Misty knight

Making her first appearance mere months before Storm this detective was inspired by the Blackxploitatian movies of the 70’s. Misty Knight is truly one bad mamma! A highly decorated NYPD detective Knight lost her arm due to preventing a terrorist explosion. Because of her bravery Tony Stark donates Misty a bionic arm with various capabilities such as cryo- blasts and repulsor blasts. Whether she’s with her longtime partner Colleen Wing or with the Hero’s For Hire Misty is always ready to lay the bionic smackdown.


2. Monet St. Croix.

If I ever make a list of strange back stories Monet St. Croix  (or M to her teammates) would definitely make the final cut. Strange stories aside this spoiled rich kid of Algerian decent is indeed a powerful mutant with powers of superhuman speed and strength as well as invulnerability, and if that weren’t enough she also boasts the ability of telekinesis, telepathy, flight and detecting mutant auras, talk about a powerhouse! M is literally perfect at everything!


1. Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau

Despite having more name changes than Sean (P-Diddy) Combs Monica Rambeau well respected in the MCU. Her creators John Romita Jr and Roger Stern admits to basing her original look based on Pam Grier which explains the excellent fro she rocked back in the day. A lieutenant in the New Orleans harbor patrol Monica gets exposed to an extra dimensional substance trying to prevent the manufacture of an illegal weapon. As a result Rambeau can transform her body into any wavelength of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum as well as discharge it. Mrs Monica’s track record is flawless taking on the leadership role in the Avengers making it the first time ever a Black woman has held the honor.



Is there anyone I missed? Of course it is! Let me know in the comments below!!!!!!

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