Top 5 Good Buddies

While not the main hero but far from a side kick a good supporting character or what we like to call at The Wandering Ronin a Good Buddy is someone Who may stand by or follow the lead of the main hero but is by no means just along for the ride. Capable of flying solo a great Good Buddy character will not only get the job done but will also save the bacon of the protagonist on more than one occasion. I’ve scoured all of pop culture to find some of the best good buddy characters around some you may remember some you may not but whatever you do please don’t sell these guys short.

Top 5 Good Buddies


A great character throughout the planet of the apes trilogy, Maurice served as the main adviser and a confidant to Cesar. Maurice proved time and time again that he was way more than a second banana to the hero using his intellect to see his way out of many jams. His role was pivotal in the third movie standing strong at Caesars side until the very end.




Top 5 Good Buddies


Fueled by his hate for vampires after losing his family to one Whistler became a very skilled vampire Hunter. It was Whistler who found a young Blade and honed his skills helping him become a killing machine. An ultimate team player Whistler sacrificed his life not once but twice in order to help his homie. Talk about taking one for the team!




Top 5 Good Buddies


At one time a rival of protagonist Yuske Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara eventually became his closest ally leaping into the fire with his schoolmate at a moments notice. Originally designed to be the comic relief character he actually proves to be quite capable of handling his own. What makes him stand out however is his huge heart. The poster child of selflessness he is more than willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good twice putting his own life on the line in the dark tournament saga alone.




Top 5 Good Buddies


The true definition of a right-hand man Jigen has been tight with Lupin since day one. Always willing to lend a hand or in his case a well-placed bullet, Jigen’s loyalty never comes into question. Where the straight shooter really shines is with his wisdom, often keeping the highly impulsive Lupin the third from doing something too crazy.



Top 5 Good Buddies



TWD fans have cringed with horror and cheered mightily as good ol Glenn made danger his bitch during his run in the series. While Rick is clearly the leader his leadership wouldn’t of been remotely as effective without Glenn around. That fact became overwhelmingly apparent after Negan viciously took the last of Glenn’s nine lives.WR

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