Top 5 Redheads in Comics

In comics nothing stands out like a beauty of a redheaded woman. With fiery hair, shimmery eyes, and fair skin one could argue that redheads really are the stuff of dreams; that is, until you get on their bad side. The perfect example of this is Jean Grey, one of the most powerful redheads in all the comicdom. She’d easily make the top spot on any list but since that is uber predictable I’m going to exclude her from this list.  With that out of the way, let’s get cracking!

Top 5 Redheads in comics

5. Red Sonia

At only 17 her home was burned to the ground and her family was murdered by bandits. Sonja tries to defend herself with her brothers sword but finds it too heavy to lift. Afterwards she tracks them down and kills them one by one and becomes the legendary Red Sonja. Being one of the few who can trade swords with Conan The Barbarian and live this Redhead swings one mean sword. And her classic chain mail bikini makes puts her in the top 10 costumes ever discussion easily. With her own feature film already a cult classic maybe Red Sonja could grace the big screen again!

Top 5 Redheads in comics


The late great Bob Marley said you don’t know how strong you are until strong is your only option. This quote describes Heather MacDonald to a tee. Stepping in as a leader of the Canadian superteam Alpha Flight after her husband’s death Heather held down the fort for years until his return. Armed with her battle suit that can control thermal energy, and training from Wolverine and her teammate Puck Canada can rest easier with her on guard.

Top 5 Redheads in comics

3. Medusa

Queen of the Inhuman Royal family Medusa’s red flowing hair is it just her most at admirable feature it’s also her deadliest weapon. Fiercely protective of her subjects and allies Medusa is not to be taken lightly. She even condemned Spider Man (really Space Phantom in disguise) to fifty lashes simply because he mistook her for Mary Jane. Practically its own living being Medusa can do amazing things with her deadly locks including kill you in many many ways. What a sweet glorious death that would be.

Top 5 Redheads in comics

2. Batwoman

Quickly earning her place amongst the Bat-family, Kate Kane is one serious Redhead. Having met Batman saving HERSELF from an armed robbery the encounter inspired Kate to take on the bat-mantle as Batwoman. The fiery ex-marine, and heiress to a weapons manufacturer traveled the world and honed her skills every form of martial arts to become yet another savior for Gotham city. More importantly her open homosexuality combined with her immense popularity since her debut makes her a symbol of strength in the LGBT community.

Top 5 Redheads in comics

1. Angela (Alif Odinsdottir)

A personal favorite of mine since the mid 90s Angela is a really fun character a staple in the image universe and eventually spun off into her own series. Fast forward a decade or so mix in some legal mumbo-jumbo and now she is a part of the Marvel universe and I couldn’t be any happier. Born a daughter of Odin (making her Thor and Loki’s sister). During a battle between Asgard and the tenth realm (Heaven) she was captured and raised as an angel. A warrior to the core she was bred for battle her strength rival Thor’s which instantly puts her abilities far past anyone who dares oppose this warrior angel.



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