Top 5 WTF Moments: DC Comics

Having been in existence since 1934 Detective Comics (commonly known as DC Comics) has been the Gold Standard in the comics industry practically making the mold for the modern superhero. DC staples like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash have definitely stood the test of time easily making the company one of “Big 2” over the years. Accolades aside no great company rose to prominence without a few hiccups along the way and DC comics is no exception producing some true face palm moments in its hey day. Let’s take a walk or in this case stumble through history and take a look at the moments that made you scream WTF DC!!!!!


5. De-powered Wonder Woman

The 70’s were a strange time. All you needed to be cool were tight pants and Karate skills. So in this first example of refusing to leave well enough alone DC namely Danny O’neil decides to “modernize” WW for the feminist movement by stripping her of everything that made her awesome in the first place. The results needless to say were a disaster as the backlash was almost instant. Give credit to O’neil for trying to evolve the character but his execution was way off.



4. Black Canary’s Original origin

Black Canary is one of DC’s most popular characters but her origin makes my head hurt. being one of the many Golden Age characters DC revived in the 60’s the company had to ret-con her origin to fit with the current universe, and the result was an absolute mess that took years and multiple reboots to finally fix. Granted there were other heroes that needed the same treatment but Black Canary’s was by far the most confusing. I don’t have the mental capacity to go into detail here, but you are more than welcome to go to Wikipedia if you’re that hard pressed for the info…….just take an Ibuprofen beforehand.



3. Justice League Detroit

The 80’s were a peculiar and scary time for comics. Any title that was deemed not popular was condemned to receive the “All New All Different” revamp treatment and the Justice League unfortunately fell into that category. Lagging behind the Teen Titans and The Legion of Super Heroes in popularity and sales longtime writer Gerry Conway wanted to match their popularity with a new younger looking Justice League. What resulted was very gag-worthy and that’s putting it mildly. Start with the removal of popular more established members and replacing them with some of the worst character designs in history, then having Aquaman one of the least popular Justice League members stepping up as leader, and relocating to Detroit FRIGGIN DETROIT!!!!! This obviously didn’t sit sell with readers and effectively killed the original Justice League of America after a 27 year run.



2. Superman Red & Blue

If you thought the 80’s were a trying time for comics the 90’s were astronomically worse. Nothing was safe and every character you could possibly care about was drastically altered in unforgivable ways. Superman was the whipping boy of this era having gone through multiple cringe-worthy changes and updates. He was killed only to be brought back a year later with a mullet. But the worst offender has got to be Superman Red and Blue. DC just decides one day to take it’s most iconic hero strip him of everything that made him great, and replace his powers with crappy energy based ones. If that wasn’t enough they had the nerve to split him in two and give the readers a 2nd helping of this crap-fest. Needless to say DC fixed this error and re-united the two Supermen once it was realized how craptacular this idea was.



1. Deathstroke the Pedo

The Judas Contract is quite possibly one of the best story arcs in the history of comics. The Teen Titans; DC’s resounding answer to the Uncanny X-men was the most popular comic of the 80’s era. Deathstroke The terminator (my all-time favorite villain) had caught the Titans completely off guard. Terra his mole had infiltrated the team and the trap was sprung. All the Titans were floored with the news but poor Changeling (aka Beast-Boy) got the worst of it when he saw that his sweet innocent (and very teenaged)  girlfriend Terra had belonged to Deathstroke both mind and body. I get that in the 80’s were the dark and gritty era but DC pushed the envelope a little too far this time. This is wrong on so many levels I cant help but wonder who signed off on this and what could they have been smoking on?


Are there any DC Comics WTF moments that we missed? Please let us know in the comments below!!!!

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