Top five broken unbeaten streaks in Boxing

With the mega fight between undefeated Floyd Mayweather Junior and Connor McGregor looming and with Mayweather’s 49-0 record on the line I can’t help but think of famous boxers throughout that could’ve gone into retirement without a blemish on their record but fell just short. For every Rocky Marciano there’s always ten other great fighters who fell just short of the undefeated mark. Let’s take a stroll through history and showcase the Top five broken unbeaten streaks in Boxing.

Top five broken unbeaten streaks in Boxing

Naseem Hamed


Streak Broken by Marco Antonio Barerra

Say what you want about his in ring antics “Prince” Naseem Hamed always put on quite a show! His unique style along with his amazing speed and power made him virtually untouchable. His constant showboating however brought him many detractors who wanted someone anyone to shut him up and on April 7 2001 the boxing public got just that in a convincing unanimous decision loss against Marco Antonio Barrera.

Top five broken unbeaten streaks in Boxing

Mike Tyson


Streak Broken by Buster Douglas

For all you youngsters that only know Mike Tyson through the hangover franchise and the mike Tyson mysteries let me be the first to tell you that at one point in time he was the baddest man on earth. Bringing a hellish mix of defensive skill and violence to the ring most of iron Mike’s knockouts came in the first round. Fast forward to February 1990 add in some overconfidence and the firing of Coach Kevin Rooney and you have arguably one of the most stunning upsets in all of sports history.

Top five broken unbeaten streaks in Boxing

Sugar Ray Robinson


Streak Broken by Jake Lamotta

Depending on who you ask Sugar Ray Robinson is the greatest boxer to ever lace em up. So great in fact Muhammad Ali based his fighting style off of Robinson. With his combination of power speed and pure grace he tore through the amateurs with over 80 wins and no losses. He took to the pros and rattled off 40 straight wins before running into The Bronx Bull Jake LaMotta for the second time in their legendary saga. Even more impressive is after the loss he rattled off 40 more wins before his next loss. Sugar Ray Robinson was greatness incarnate.

Top five broken unbeaten streaks in Boxing

Larry Holmes


Streak broken by Michael Spinks

Being the first great heavyweight champ after Ali it could be very easy to overlook the Easton assassin. But Holmes had such a great title reign kids everywhere we’re really close to buying Larry Holmes Punch Out! for the NES because Nintendo had originally wanted homes to star in the game. Homes punished the heavyweight division with notable wins against Ernie shavers, Gerry Coney(what a boxing disgrace that was) and Muhammad Ali. Holmes fell just short of Rocky Marciano’s 49 and 0 losing to Michael Spinks in 1985 in a very controversial decision. Makes you wonder why Holmes was so outspoken now doesn’t it?

Top five broken unbeaten streaks in Boxing

Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.


Streak broken by Frankie Randall

At one point Chavez was the pride of all Mexico he’s a legend was so fast even Floyd Mayweather Junior said Chavez was one of his favorite fighters. With a record of 89 wins before his first loss his praise is well deserved, but it is tainted with a bit of controversy. A huge portion of his wins were recorded in Mexico where the competition was lacking to put it mildly and if you look closely at his fight with Pernell Whitaker you can see that Chavez clearly lost. Be that as it may Chavez was a true warrior in the ring and you can’t take that away from him.WR

Are There any other notable busted streaks we forgot? Please comment below and let us know what you think!!!

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